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The National Weather Service now says much of East Idaho will not be spared from the wrath of the winter storm that’s dumping significant amounts of snow on Utah, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada.

Initially the weather service said the storm would hit most of East Idaho’s higher elevations with a maximum of 4 inches of snow.

But on Thursday morning the forecast was revised and a winter weather advisory was issued, calling for up to 11 inches of snow in many of East Idaho’s higher elevation areas through Friday afternoon.

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In 1976, there were about 30,000 head of cattle in Custer County. Today there are about half that many

Restrictions applied by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management have taken cattle off of the land in Custer County and throughout the western states. Ranchers contend the restrictions, in many cases, are arbitrary.

A group of Custer County ranchers and state and federal agency land managers recently toured the Morgan Creek Allotment west of Challis to discuss conflicts on federal land and to look at the health of the land.

Ranchers repeatedly questioned the federal officials about stubble height requirements along streams. They say the land is healthy and that is a long-term trend – a claim the BLM officials agreed with. However, stubble height requirements are limiting the number of cattle ranchers are allowed to turn out and that is threatening the future of several ranches.

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